Monday, 4 February 2013

Stitch Across Canada #5

Get stitching your inches!  We are going to need every last one this next month to get us right to Victoria, BC.   We only have one more month to go and we just passed Calgary.

Check out what the Georgina Pins and Needles guild had to say when they sent in their monthly inches.
 Gaile Statkus writes:
Our first planning meeting was held August 11, 2008 with 9 persons involved.  We did not have a budget for speakers or workshop leaders so the Executive and members volunteered to share their knowledge with the group. 
 Lone Star quilt by Elizabeth Robinson
The first year was very exciting.   Some members had no experience quilting, but were interested in learning. Our first workshop, with three members attending, was held in September.
Each year membership has grown to our current membership of 34 very talented individuals.  
3D Butterfly Garden by Gaile Statkus

Maple Leaf Charity quilt by Alice-Faye Vandermeer

Charity projects have always been an important part of the guild, with shopping bags, preemie blankets, quilts and more being donated by our generous members.  Library displays, and school projects with the children has helped the guild grow.
Houses by Karin Boecker

Little Fat Cat by Lenka Kovachis

This is it Canadian quilters, one more month and a whole lot of km's to cover. Let's finish this challenge one inch at a time!


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  1. Hey there Jackie! I have some inches to submit, but gotta add them up first.