Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Jill Buckley-Our Artist in Residence

You know there are those quilters that are just in a league all on their own?  Our very own Artist in Residence Jill Buckley is one of them.

Tell us a little about yourself.
 I am a self taught artist with a background in the garment industry. I began working in sewing factories as a teen, first as a machine operator and later in cutting and design rooms. I learned a great deal in those days and eventually was able to strike out on my own as a custom designer/garment maker. I have a fabulously supportive husband and we have two grown children. When I am not quilting my other creative pursuits include; drawing, knitting, beading, gardening and blogging

What got you into quilting?
 A number of years ago, a friend and I attended The Grand National Quilt show in Kitchener, Ontario. I cannot put into words just how completely fascinated and inspired I was by what I saw displayed on those gallery walls. I knew immediately that I had to explore this medium. It would be a few more years before taking the plunge, but instantly the quilting world had me firmly in its grasp and I am excited to be a part of it.

You are CQA/ACC's 'Artist in Residence', tell us a little about that.

 First, let me say that I am delighted to hold this position. My role as such, requires me to be artist, designer, creator, author and photographer all rolled into one. As a result, I believe my skills in all of these areas are continually improving.

Being aware that CQA/ACC members have a wide range of interests and skill levels, I am trying to create projects that reflect this. Some will be simpler than others. It is my hope that the projects I share, may inspire, motivate and perhaps offer solutions. I provide my original patterns and instructions in each issue for members use, but of course quilters are welcome and encouraged to create these designs in the technique of their choosing.
 'The Canadian Quilter' Spring 2012

Is there a technique in quilting you are passionate about.
One? You want me to pick one? Oh no, that is just not possible. I love it all, from hand work to free motion quilting, traditional to contemporary. Let me play with fabric, thread, paint, inks, discharge paste, dyes and anything else I can get my hot little hands on. I love exploring and discovering marvelous ways to create. Can you think of a better way to spend the day?

What are some of your favourite things about quilting?
Quilting is filled with opportunities. Those include the possibility to exhibit, to learn, lecture, teach, publish, judge and especially to meet and share with quilters everywhere.

I am drawn to quilting's seemingly endless possibilities and the freedom to attempt whatever my imagination can conjure up.

Does anything frustrate you when it comes to quilting?
There just might be, but I have not encountered it yet.

What is your next quilt related goal?
Interesting question Jackie, you know, I don't really set "goals". Perhaps because I fear I might become so obsessed with trying to achieve a particular goal, that I may miss other opportunities. I enjoy the spontaneity of going in whatever direction I choose on any given day.

I have heard other artists say that setting goals keeps them from procrastinating, ensures that they produce and finish works on a more frequent basis, as well as with meeting deadlines.
Being self employed for many years, left me with a great sense of self discipline when it comes to getting things done. These days, it is creative time that takes priority.

What is your favourite food to eat while quilting?
 EAT? While quilting? uh, well, coffee food? Actually, quilting is great for my waistline. I find that because I tend to become so engrossed in my projects, I rarely think about food. 

Jill's blog is one of a kind filled with wonderful tidbits of education and inspiration.


  1. | am so proud of how you work and your interest in doing what makes you happy, and in that you make me, a quilter, want to move outside my boundaries and explore. Thank-you.

    Linda in NS

  2. Thank you so much Linda, as quilters, we have such a huge variety of styles and techniques to choose from. Aren't we lucky? We can make our quilts in whatever way we enjoy most and yet still appreciate what others are doing. Hope you are enjoying every moment!

  3. thanks for the great artwork I like your work with old sewing machines, have you worked on any logo's //??