Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Stitch Across Canada #3

Who needs the NHL, when we are in an all out race to get to BC in six months!   We are at the third month in our Stitch Across Canada Challenge.   Pull out the party hats as we are almost half way across our country!  Last month we grabbed one last poutine and said 'au revoir' to Quebec and started making our way through Ontario.   Our stop this month is Dryden.  It is the smallest community in the province of Ontario designated as a city.

Now what really shows dedication, is those guilds that actually record .5 of an inch.   Way to go Quilted Mouse of Calgary and Cochrane Quilters.   It would be remiss of me not to mention the guild that recorded .25 of an inch at the end of their total.  Love the enthusiasm Near North QG in North Bay!

This month, Faye Martin from Queen's Quilters, NS wrote:
Queen's Quilters of Queen's County joined the Stitch across Canada last month with a small number of inches.This month,  we bumped the numbers way up. Show and Tell  for November included 2 of our charity initiatives of the year. Our 14 "Love Quilts" measuring 40"x 60" go to Family and Children Services and 2 larger quilts go to Queen's Manor. We also provide placemats to the VON to give out with Meals on Wheels Christmas deliveries.

Way to go Queen's Quilters for racking up those inches for such worthwhile causes!

Let's relax,  grab a cup of java... and go visit Dryden's official mascot - Max the Moose.  

Although we are halfway in terms of when the challenge ends, we are not quite halfway on the map, so we need to make up some inches in December to get back on track.  

We will see you next month, keep on stitching those inches!

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  1. If you are a individual member and not a guild with a membership can you add to the stitch count?