Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sshhh.... a little secret

I have a little secret to let out.   You all know about CQA/ACC's conference  blog that tells you about our upcoming conference Quilt BC 2013, and all the exciting events that are related to it, but did you know where Quilt Canada 2014 conference will be held?   None other than the beautiful Niagara Region in Ontario.  Marilyn Michelin, the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee or LOC as we call them,  sent a little message along:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
The news is starting to get out there - Quilt Canada is coming to Niagara in 2014 at Brock University, June 11-14.
The Local Organizing Committee  and representatives from CQA/ACC have been busy organizing this national quilt show and conference, called the 'Wonders of Niagara'. It will truly be a wonder in Niagara, with quilts from across Canada in the National Juried Show, Canadian and international teachers, and many visitors coming from far and wide. Mark your calendars. 
If you need more information, please contact Marilyn Michelin, Chair  at

Local Organizing Committee and Board Members at Brock University conducting a Site Visit for Quilt Canada 2014

From left to right:  Jackie White-Board member, Effie Faubert-Merchant Mall Chair, Susan Bowslaugh-NJS Coordinator, Kathy Tucker-Board member, Gloria Meyer-Assistant Chair and Special Events, Gayle Szmurlo-Board member, Carol Ann Jess-Board member, Judy Kelly-Board member, Laine Canivet-Board member, Lynda Iannandrea-Workshop Chair, Marilyn Michelin-Chair.
Those not present:  Irma Bull-Publicity and Advertising, Linda Chambers-Local Fundraising, Fran Inglis-Entertainment and Program, Debbie McInnis-Hospitality, Alice Muller-Local Secretary, Jacki Morningstar-Local Treasurer, Karen Sirianni-Tours, Linda Oatley-Trend Tex Challenge/Silent Auction.

If you need more information, please contact Marilyn Michelin, Chair by email at

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  1. Way cool about Quilt Canada... I only have to drive 15 minutes!