Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Fun Tips and Giggles #1

Have you ever wanted to print something off the internet, such as a quilt tutorial, but did not want all the extra 'stuff' that shows up when printing?   Here is a free and very easy to use solution.   It is called Print Friendly.

This site allows you to type in a url (webpage) and it transforms it right onto the screen into an easy to read document that you can print without getting all the excess stuff.  Or you can email it to your friend and they can print it.

 It gets better than that, you can choose to get it with or without images, which when downloading a tutorial, sometimes you get  more than you need in a paper copy format.

 It also allows you to download into a PDF format.  This is a great website to use for quilt tutorials,recipes and so many other things.

Now this is camping!   Eliza Fernand goes around with her tape recorder and camera and records stories about quilts.
Courtesy of Eliza Fernand

In the last 'Canadian Quilter' newsletter, Sandra Reford wrote an article and showcasing several quilters.  One struck a cord and I googled it and found Gordana Brelih's fibre art.   If you want inspiration, you should check out her gallery.   Are there any galleries of quilters that you look to for inspiration online?  If so, leave a link in the comment section.

I will sign off with how my husband sees my machine.
Found here on Facebook.


  1. Great link for printing, I used it almost as soon as I saw it on this blog and put the bookmarklet on my toolbar so I can use it as often as I need it! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the information on Print Friendly. That will come in handy.

  3. That Print Friendly website is amazing. My new favourite way of printing webpages. Thanks.