Wednesday 26 September 2012

Fun Tips and Giggles #2

We had such great responses to our first ever 'Fun Tips and Giggles, that we are back with another one!
Do you love going to workshops, but detest waiting in line to use the iron?   Here is a simple, fast and very inexpensive way to make your own mini ironing board using a TV tray.   Click here for the tutorial.  It took  23 minutes to make mine.

Do any of you have a lovely chair that you just can't part with but it desperately needs a new cover?   Our very own Vice President Judy Kelly came up with a fantastic way to cover her grandmother's chair.

Here is what Judy had to say about her 'Grandma's Going Green' chair.

Last spring when I moved into my new studio, I brought my Grandma’s old armchair with me. At the time I wondered what I could do to make it “fit in”?
I asked the ladies in my quilting guilds to save selvedges from their quilting projects. Every month they came with little piles of brightly coloured selvedges, so I quickly built up my stash! 

Reading the various names on the selvedges was exciting. One can only imagine what ”Chalking It Up To Success” or “A Quilters Home” fabric looked like?
During the summer I sewed the selvedges to a muslin base, layering a woven edge on top of a raw edge, so everything was covered. I removed the original upholstery fabric and used it as a template to cut my selvedge fabric . I then stretched it in place and stapled it with a heavy duty staple gun.

The chair “fits in” quite nicely and has a special place in my studio. I wonder what my Grandma would say if she saw it now?
Everyday, while raising her family, she practiced 'going green'and didn’t even realize she was doing it! 

Thank you Judy for the great idea and wonderful instructions!   I bet a few of you are going to take another look at that old chair in the corner of your room.

Lastly, your giggle for the day.

Photo: I sew relate to this!


  1. i love that chair...i am sure your grandmother would be very pleased

  2. Judy

    You are very creative, The chair is beautiful, i had the pleasure of seeing it for myself.


  3. Great chair! Judy, if your grandmother was anything like mine she would have been thrilled with your creative thriftiness.

  4. OK - I have to develop a new habit, I guess; cutting off selvedges first with an extra half inch. Now...where to store them!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful chair! Great job. I think your grandmother would have liked it.