Thursday, 2 March 2017

Julie Plotniko teaches at Quilt Canada 2017

How fun it is to chat with Julie Plotniko and find out a bit more about her and her workshops!

Julie taught at Quilt Canada 2016 and was adored by her students due to her gentle manner and 'no question is silly' attitude. Quilters loved the relaxed atmosphere she provided in the classroom as well as the great teaching she provided.

Julie is back at Quilt Canada 2017 in June in Toronto ON, with another superb selection of classes. Be sure to find your favorite and sign up.

What inspires you?
The beauty and diversity in the world that surrounds us.
History! All things historical, from ancient to recent. From the visual arts, music, textiles and architecture.
The more we differ the more we are the same.

What would I like my students to know?
Come to class unafraid and ready to have fun. I will take you on a journey that will inspire you!

Here are the workshops Julie is offering at Quilt Canada 2017

410 - Unlock the Amazing Quilter Within You (Janome)
One Full Day Workshop
Saturday, June 17, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $140.00
KIt Fee: $5.00
“Reach for the Stars Quilt”
Have you ever experienced blocks that seem to grow or shrink? Do your strips ever exhibit the dreaded “V” or “WOW”? Do your points and corners seem to get away from you? Do you know the difference between a measured, generous, scant or “quilters” ¼ inch seam allowance?
In this class we will fine tune your cutting, pressing and sewing techniques to unlock the amazing quilter within you! This as a wonderful class for both new quilters as well as those who would like to refresh their cutting and piecing skills. Class emphasis will be placed on a fun and relaxing learning atmosphere.
Students will concentrate on cutting and piecing the lap size variation in class and can expect to complete (a minimum) of one Block A plus two of Block B as well as have a good working knowledge of how to assemble their project at home. Those who are working on the Twin size quilt will also complete the additional cutting at home.
Consultation will be available after class via email if students require help to complete their project.

310 - Straight Line Strategy (Janome)
One Full Day Workshop
Friday, June 16, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $140.00
Do you know that there are an unlimited number of ways that we can quilt our quilts while using a Walking Foot?
Some straight line stitching techniques can look very traditional while others are decidedly modern. You can be playful or serious, funky or fabulous.
Come on a journey with me as we explore this sometimes forgotten, wonderfully fun method of quilting.
Grid quilting, chevrons, echoing an edge, decorative machine stitches, wonky straighīt lines and matchstick quilting are just a few of the designs we will explore.

210 - Make Mine Modern (Janome)
One Full Day Workshop
Thursday, June 15, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $140.00
Free Motion quilting for the “Modern” quilter.
Modern Quilts often contain bold prints, solid colours and extensive use of heavily quilted negative space.
The quilting really is what sets these quilts apart! Come and learn stitching and design strategy appropriate to these fascinating quilts.
Swirls and Whirls, Wild Hairdo, Square Stippling, Through the Loop, Brick Wall and Matchstick Quilting are just a few of the designs students will learn.

110 - Freeform Botanical Quilting Made Easy (Janome)
One Full Day Workshop
Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $140.00
Let’s go organic with this class on free motion quilting designs from nature. Learn how to stitch a variety of fanciful leaves, vines, ferns and flowers. These designs look wonderful as a background or overall design on batiks, art quilts, children’s quilts and more.
Stitch them small with blending thread for a more traditional look or go big and playful. Designs are also suitable for use with your favorite colouring technique. Thread choice (colour, type and weight) to enhance design will be discussed as students stitch a small sampler.

Please take a look at all the amazing classes being offered at Quilt Canada this June 14-17 in Toronto ON.

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