Monday, 22 August 2016

Registrar Position Open!

Registrar Position
Quilt Canada 2017 

Quilt Canada 2017The Canadian Quilter’s Association is looking for a part time Registrar for Quilt Canada 2017 in Toronto.
The Registrar shall report directly to the CQA/ACC Executive Director and shall undertake duties as follows:
  1. Respond to requests for event information, brochures and workshop information.

  2. Register participants in Quilt Canada workshops and related events.

  3. Supply registration updates by email, every two weeks or as requested, to the Executive Director.

  4. Work with the Treasurer and Executive Director to integrate a Moneris based on line registration system for registrations for use in the 2017 registration process.

  5. Supply a final report, including payment calculations to the CQA/ACC Executive Director within a month of Quilt Canada 2017.

  6. This is a part time one year position (November 2016 to June 2017) and compensation will be paid up to 200 hours at a competitive rate, as well as office expenses and travel to Quilt Canada.
Applicants should have demonstrated experience at preforming these functions at a similar type of conference, and be familiar with on line based registration systems, and word processing, including EXCEL spreadsheets. The applicant should have exceptional interpersonal skills at dealing with registrants. 
Applications should be received by September 8, 2016  to .  Questions can be directed to the .

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