Sunday, 8 May 2016

How to Prepare for Quilt Canada!

How to Prepare for Quilt Canada (and give you a giggle=)

Quilt Canada 101
The ultimate how-to guide to prepare for Quilt Canada 2016!
If you are hoping this is a serious, mature post about how to prepare for Quilt Canada such as bring a compass and extra socks, this is not for you.  This post is going to advise you how to knock-your-socks-off, lift-the-ceiling and have a smashing-good-time at the conference!
If you are that type of quilter, then read on...
1.      Wear running shoes! No ifs, ands or buts about it. Pack them up and put them on—all day, every day. If you can, put an extra spring or two in them—it will be all the better.
2.      Get those fold-up bags that shrink down to the size of your fingernail. Have at least ten of them in your purse or backpack; you are going to need them. If not—hire a camel.
3.      If attending with others, wear something on your head: kerchief, baseball hat, shower cap, anything! And make it bright. How annoying will it be if you are to meet for lunch and you can’t find your friends because all you see is grey hair? While grey is great in a modern quilt, it’s not so good to get your lunch in a hurry. If your friend is sporting a bright pink shower cap at the front of the food line—bam—up you go! You’re ready to eat with no time wasted.
4.      Share cell phone numbers with each other. If you find the deal of a lifetime, you want to text or send a picture of the fabric and tell them the booth number ASAP… you can only be nice to a friend for so long when it comes to a deal on fabric!
5.      Photo-bomb as many pictures as you can. It is super fun! Think of the photographer’s joy when you show up in the background of all their pictures! (This is where that extra spring in your shoes comes in real handy.)
6.      Bring a corkscrew. I don’t think I need to spell out why this will be handy at 9:00 pm, in your room, when you find yourself without one. For that matter, use Google Maps to find stores that are necessary for your evening enjoyment.
7.      Bring some of your guild pins. Quilters love, love, love trading pins and collecting pins and goodness knows what else when it comes to pins—wear them, I guess.
8.      Bring an extra suitcase. Personally, I put one suitcase inside the other when I travel. I always return with two filled ones. Trust me, this year’s Merchant Mall will be like no other!
9.      Pack a snack. Nothing like carrot sticks, apples or water! For goodness sake, let’s not kill the trip before we get started! Pack food you are actually going to eat! Chocolate, caramel and coffee are all excellent sources of energy and caffeine.
10.   The very last thing. Please stop by and say, “Hi,” to the CQA/ACC board members (ok, at least say hi to me). We will be there to meet you (and steal your chocolate if you have any left)!

See you at Quilt Canada 2016!

Jackie White
Chocolate loving Board member=)


  1. Perfect! A few ideas I will need to incorporate!

  2. Sounds like an absolute blast & excellent advice. Won't be there this year but looking forward to the pics!

  3. So looking forward to being there and to draw on the many talented quilter there. Can't wait to see old friends and make new ones.

  4. Can't wait. Looking forward to seeing old and making new friends. There are so many talented women that are generous with their knowledge and time. It's like one big family!