Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lethbridge Awaits You

Registration will be open on Jan. 14th to ALL quilters for Quilt Canada 2015 in Lethbridge AB!

Early registration has been open for a few weeks but there is still space in most workshops and all other events. Did you get a long-arm for Christmas (I really wish I did) or are you thinking about buying one? Sign up for Joanne Flamand's class, Introduction to Long-Arm Quilting. This is a lecture class - well actually it’s two class topics combined into one class. The great thing about a lecture is you don’t have to operate a machine you have never used before. The teacher sketches designs from basic to complex and you sketch along with her. This builds muscle memory so when you try it at home it’s much easier. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better instructor.

Are you a quilter who likes to paint? Combine the two in Margie Davidson's class, Paint and Piece. Margie is well known for the individual attention that she gives to each student in her class. She was awarded the Teacher of the Year Award in 2013!

These are just two of the exciting workshops available for registration.

And don't forget to get a ticket for Weeks Ringle's lecture, Transforming Traditions: Modernism and Quilts. 

Book your spot before it’s too late. It may be cold out now but it will be sunny and warm on June 4 – 6. Register for a class, attend a lecture, tour the amazing Waterton Park by bus. 

Waterton Park is one of my favourite places. The flowers in springtime are spectacular. Just think of the quilting inspiration you can find! The list of activities is endless and you will be ‘Blown Away’ by the beautiful and immense Alberta sky.  

Shena Boes

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