Monday 15 September 2014

Time for Colour -2

The quilts for our cross-Canada (and up to the top, too) travelling show, called ‘It’s Time for Colour!’ are starting to arrive. It is obvious these quilts are made by elite quilters; masters of the art. The workmanship, the themes, and yes, the Colours are outstanding!


There will be 36 quilts in total, separated into two shows of 18 that will criss-cross Canada. The lucky folks on Vancouver Island will have a few opportunities to see them this fall, since that is where they are being assembled and prepared for their epic journey. The quilts will be shown at Satin Moon Quilt Shop October 19 – November 2, 2014 and Kaleidoscope Quilt Company at Whippletree Junction from November 3 – 16.  Other showings are being planned.

All quilts are for sale at $200 each, plus tax. Beautiful greeting cards featuring these quilts will be sold wherever the quilts are displayed. All proceeds will be donated to:  “The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada”.  In November, we will display images of all the quilts along with purchasing information. 

If you would like to visit a few of these master quilters working on their Colour quilts check out these blogs:

Janet Archibald, winner in Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting 2013

Carol Swindon, winner of Best in Show, 2012 at:  
You can scroll down and see several posts about the quilt as it evolves or go to the most recent post at:

Kathy Wylie, winner of Best in Show, 2013, at:

Terry Aske, winner of 2104 Modern Bed or Wall quilt:

Laine Canivet

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