Sunday 24 August 2014

It’s Time for Colour!

CQA/ACC is hitting the road! 
 We want people all across this country to know who we are and what we do! What better way than to showcase our amazing talent by sending two quilt shows travelling from one end of the country to the other and up to the top. The shows will hit most of the provinces and territories between January 2015 and May 2015 before they end up at Quilt Canada in Lethbridge Alberta June 4 – 6, 2015. ( So far, they will be shown in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island. And maybe a couple more – just not arranged yet!
Every quilt will be made by a quilter who has won an award at our prestigious Canadian National Juried Show. See this year’s winners at

 These master quilters are generously donating a 12” by 16” quilt based on the theme ‘It’s Time for Colour!'  Our Regional Representatives will arrange showings of the quilts in their areas of the country. Each show will be displayed at quilt guilds, quilt shops, galleries, community centres, churches, libraries etc. Exact locations are still being worked out.

It gets better!!
All quilts will be for sale for $200 each, plus tax. Beautiful greeting cards featuring the quilts will also be sold wherever the quilts are displayed. All proceeds will be donated to a most worthy organization:  “The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada” (  In November, we will display images of all the quilts along with purchasing information.

We plan to tell you more about these talented Canadian artists and their quilts as they are being made and as they travel across the country. Sign up to follow this blog so you don’t miss anything.

Just as a teaser, you can go and see what Maggie Vanderweit  and Coreen Zerr have done so far.

Laine C.


  1. Your link to 2014 winners isn't working- please fix, I'd love to see these!

  2. It's been fixed, sorry about that

  3. How wonderful. I hope there will be a showing near me. And all to support my favourite charity.

  4. A wonderful organization. I hope it will be somewhere in S. Ontario. Looking forward to going.

  5. Are there 2 shows travelling from coast to coast towards Lethbridge? Or is one from St. Catherines (from last years CQA Show) to Lethbridge and from where does the 2nd one start? How do you determine the amount of inches needed?

    1. We just have SO much going on, that you may be confusing two projects. This travelling quilt show is REAL quilts. We have Regional Reps in each province and they are planning where the quilts will be shown.
      The inches you refer to is for a guild challenge where guilds measure inches around the quilts shown at their meetings and we plot an imaginary trip from one Quilt Canada to another. The number of inches needed are calculated using Google maps.