Saturday, 3 May 2014

Fun Tips and Giggles #16

Did you see the incredible display of Trend-Tex quilts and wearables from our 2014 'Modern Ways' challenge?   It is going to be simply breathtaking having them all hanging in one show!  Thank you to all the members that participated!  This is our biggest number of entries ever!

I was on YouTube and the number of quilt tutorials is simply staggering.

For a simple yet effective block, here is a 6 minute tutorial on the Disappearing 4 Patch Block.

Ever wonder how to 'Quilt As You Go'?  Check out this video!

Now this has to be my all time favourite tutorial for making a fun and fast and oh so creative quilt.   It is just a 4 minute tutorial... you have to look at it!

And your little giggle for the day=)

Tell me at least a few of you can relate to this picture?

Jackie W.

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