Saturday, 22 February 2014

Catch Up To CQA/ACC

It's catch up time!   We took a little hiatus when the Olympics were on.  First it was the amazing colours of their patchwork quilt, then Canada was brought to its feet over and over in skiing, curling and of course hockey.

Now it is time to snuggle in for the rest of winter and quilt away.

First up is our largest fundraiser - the Trend-Tex Challenge!   We sold out of kits this year!   Thank you to everyone that purchased a kit.   That was the first step, now comes the fun, creative step - turning those 5 luscious fat quarters into a fantastic wearable/quilt under the theme 'Modern Ways'.  They are due March 22nd.

Our Youth Challenge closes at the end of this month.  It only takes a few hours to work with any youth to produce a small quilt to enter.

Our new member challenge 'Winter Wonders' is due March 25th, and did you see the prizes donated by Fabric Spot?  They are simply out of this world.

We are still Walking to Brock, or as Laine says, 'we may need to start running' so gals, get collecting those inches to get us there.  We still have 3 provinces to cross and time is ticking.  We need your inches, our deadline is June 11th!

Are you signed up for Quilt Canada 2014?   Now is the time!  The workshops are amazing with so much talent in all the instructors and so much creativity is going to flow out of them.   And the shows - the NJS, the Invitational, and the Trend-Tex, you simply must attend.

Let's go Canadian quilters, let's open up those sewing machines to full throttle and get 'er done!

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