Friday, 3 January 2014

Walk To Brock #4

I thought we would collect a HUGE number of inches in December while everyone hurried to finish gifts. Alas, I think we all slowed down and enjoyed the holidays.   Now let's add another resolution to stitch extra hard in January.

Considering it is the dead of winter and there isn’t much choice for travelers like us, leaving Inuvik and heading to Brock, we hopped on a plane and flew in a bee-line to Yellowknife.  Plus there is no road anyway.

In January the average high in Yellowknife is -20°C and the low is -27°C. 

Yellowknife, on the northern shore of Great Slave Lake and on the edge of the Arctic Circle, is famous for spectacular wilderness. We are enjoying the dark winter skies lit up by aurora borealis, dog sledding, cross-country skiing and backpacking. If that sounds too cold, let’s visit the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. Look at the 'Online "Exhibit under 'Staff Picks', the 'Tremain Collection' with extraordinary embroidery and beading on clothing dating from the early 1900s.

I’m sure we will get a warm reception when we visit our member guild, the Yellowknife Quilters Guild, who contributed almost 18 thousand inches to help get us here.  

The Penticton Quilters Guild reported over 43 thousand inches this month, mostly from one quilter who stitched almost half a mile (I don’t think she sleeps).

And from the Timmins Guild when they sent me their inches: “at our last meeting, the sister of one of our members came as a guest. I was quite excited to see she brought a "show and tell" - a few more inches for our coffers! However, when I snuck out my measuring tape and mumbled "Walk to Brock" she was immediately on to my mission...and the inches were saved to be reported by her own guild in Thunder Bay. We enjoyed viewing her quilt nevertheless!”  
Now that's the competitive spirit=)

Looking forward to seeing how far we get next month.  Keep it up quilters!

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