Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Member Challenge Participants

There were eleven thoughtful and sometimes humourous  entries for the challenge "Things I Can't Live Without".
Every entry seemed to be oh so true. Really, can you live without your birthday or your socks?

Our apprentice judge, Valerie Harrison, who is enrolled in CQA/ACC's Quilt Judge CertificationProgramme had a lot of fun picking three winners for the great prizes provided by Carol Richards from Sew Sisters, a Canadian quilt shop dedicated to all things quilting. Check out her store at 3961 Chesswood Drive Toronto, ON or online.

The three prize winners, as chosen by Valerie, will be published in the next issue of 'The Canadian Quilter'. 

by Sherri Watier
I always seem to have cold feet, so when thinking of this theme's challenge, I immediately thought of SOCKS!  I am always wearing socks around the house and I made this mini quilt from a photo I took of my feet!

 by Mary Field
We all must eat and my large collection of fruit and veggie fabric inspired me to create this tablecloth.  The saying "Eat Food Not Too Much Mostly Plants" is a quote from Michael Pollan. When my grandson Joseph was about three he "read" it when we were all seated at the table as "eat food, not too much, mostly flowers" ... we still chuckle.

by Mary Field 
I created this wall hanging for my daughter-in-law who is a dietician and sometimes uses it as a backdrop when she does presentations. 

by Diane Carson
BIRTHDAYS!  Who can live without them?  Our family has fun with this wall hanging with interchangeable numbers.   It has been used for Grandchildren 3 and a Aunt at 103. Designed by Terry Griffin , Long n, lean series.

by Marvella Smith
I created a bingo card but used a more appropriate word to reflect things I can't live without and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it as winning at bingo is very much like life....you can't always have a full card.....sometimes it's just a line that pays off! 
I included my husband as well....a carpenter so he's represented by the tools.

by Rolanda Tovey
  I couldn’t live without my sewing machine.  I learned to sew when I was very young on my Great-Grandmother’s treadle machine and I’ve since acquired one.  I love to piece quilts, table runners, wall hangings...anything but clothes or mending.
This piece was done in memory of my Mother who taught me to sew and only trusted me to use the treadle machine, not her “good” machine. 

by Catherine Henderson
 I absolutely can't live without COFFEE!
While learning an arrowhead block, I came across a package of coffee themed fabric, grabbed some extra fabric from my stash and put together whatever combinations took my fancy, eventually ending up with enough blocks for 12 mats with a Bali batik border. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge!  See how easy and fun it is to do, and only members have the opportunity to win these fantastic prizes.   Stay tuned for the next challenge, it is going to make you chill=)

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