Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Stitch Across Canada #6

WE DID IT!!!  
We stitched right across Canada, from  Newfoundland to  the 'Mile 0' sign in Victoria, BC.   
Thank you to everyone who participated, from quilting a placemat to a king sized quilt... every inch counted.   Give yourself and your guild a pat on the back because you guys are awesome!

The distance across the country was 307,929,600 inches. From the start you went gangbusters.   As we drew close to the end, quilters really got on board.   Emails from the inch collectors would come in stating totals, then a day later another email from the same inch collector would come in saying someone just finished a quilt and sent in their inches, please add it to the total!  How awesome and dedicated you all were to give us every last inch you created.

Do you want to know what the final inch tally was?   Hold on to your needles.... it was 307, 929, 687.5 inches!   Love those guilds that even count that 1/2"!

Now it should be mentioned that almost every single one of you that emailed asked for another challenge that involved the members and guilds across the country.   We have heard you loud and clear, so are working on another great scheme!   

In the meantime, we encourage, cheer you, and motivate you to participate in our newest challenge for our members.  It is 'Where Do You Read The Canadian Quilter?'
How does a jelly roll of '2WENTY_THR3E' by Eric & Julie Comstock sound as a terrific first prize?  Do you know how much fun jelly rolls are to work with?  

The quilt is only a 12" x 12" and you just have to email us a picture!  Grab a friend and create the challenge.   Deadline is March 25th!  Don't miss out on fun prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Challenge sponsored by The Intrepid Thread

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