Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pin Cushion Challenge Entries

Remember that fun pin cushion challenge that we hosted at the end of last year?   Well, we were amazed at the number and quality of entries that came in!

The winners will be published in the Spring 'The Canadian Quilter'.  We can show you the runner ups for this fun event.    I would also like to point out that Susan Delaney gave us the pattern for her fun lollipop pin cushion.
Photo: And here is Susan Delaney's lollipop pin cushion

Yoka Scott shared her pattern for her cute hedgehog on our website as well.
Photo: Remember our pin cushion challenge?   I am not going to tell you the winners, but two of our awesome entrants made up instructions for their adorable pin cushions.   Pictured is Susan Delaney's lollipop pin cushion and Yoka Scott's hedgehog.  Check out the instructions here.

Here are some of the other wonderful entries we received.
by Judy Barnett

by Katie Friesen

by Judy Service

by Brigitte Red

by Pat Fleming

by Kathy Grant

by Linda Poppy

by Anne Sutherland

by Vivien Levermore

by Lauren MacDonald

Stay tuned next week for more on our new challenge.   You are going to definitely want to do this one.

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