Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fun Tips & Giggles #5

Tin Eye Labs is one of the most stimulating and inspiring places on the web for colour.

You simply have to try this.   It is free and takes 3 simple steps.   Click here to go to the website.

It will look like this:
On the right hand side it says 'Step 1'  and here you select up to 5 different colours.

You can see I chose the colours blue, green and pink.  So the computer searches the 10 million Creative Commons images on Flickr (these are the ones that people have allowed to be shared) and finds pictures with these colours.   

Now if you want to just focus on pink, slide your cursor over the 'Step 2' box of colour and adjust the percentages by dragging the pink box up and by deleting the other colours.   If you hold your cursor over the colour a little garbage can comes up and if you click on that, it will delete the colour.  Below I got rid of all the colours but pink.

If you see a photo you like, click on it and it will take you directly to that photo.

At the bottom of the page you will see 'Previous....Next', so don't think there is just that one page of photos for you to chose from!  

This is the best place for colour ideas and inspiration.  Let's see if you can spend just a few minutes on it!

Let's end with a little giggle for the day.

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  1. Gee I never thought of using code words for adding to my stash. Hmmm....I guess "one brick short of a load" wouldn't be a good one would it? LOL