Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How Far Can You Stitch Challenge!

Did you know that there are 307,929,600 inches across Canada via the Trans Canada Highway?  This is from St. John’s Newfoundland to Victoria British Columbia.
Why would I tell you that in inches, when I could just say it is 7821 km from one end of Canada to the other?
It is because we are quilters, and we know our inches!   Especially if we are being challenged to measure the perimeter of all our finished quilts from September 1, 2012 until February 28, 2012.   
We are asking all our member guilds and individual members to join us and see if we can quilt enough inches in six months to get us right across Canada.   
For details on specifics and where to send your inches to, please go to our website

CQA/ACC will be keeping you informed on exactly where we are on that highway of quilting!   You can check back here for regular updates.

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